​How to install seymac versatile case 6 simple steps for assembly


Using Tips for installing seymac versatile case in 6 simple steps

Seymac stock for iPad Galaxy Lenovo Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet Case Instructions:

So, you've purchased an Seymac stock for your iPad, Galaxy, Lenovo or Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet, and now you want to know EXACTLY how to properly use and care for your protective case. The list below contains some of our iPad, Galaxy,   Lenovo or Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet cases; simply check the specific instruction for your Seymac stock!

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This is not a basic cover, but a multifunctional case.

a case keeps your device safe and makes it even more functional than before. Built for the everyday. One case for every situation.

Enjoy the confidence of 360° protection.

We're here to take you and your device to the next level.

Unlocking your device's full potential, since 2016.

Case Instructions for fully drop protection case

The easiest way to remove the case is to peel back the outer layer first. Work your way around the device until the entire outer layer is disconnected. Separate the two polycarbonate pieces by releasing the tabs on each corner of the device (do not completely ignored the included tools which would have made it a ton easier). You can find our installation and case removal videos on this passage.

If you have difficulties opening and installing the versatile case, please refer to the following pictures and gist or contact us first for the latest installation video.

When installing this case, we recommend starting with the upper right corner of the device (camera corner). After that, the

following corners should pop on much easier. The correct order to assemble the case: back shell first, then the silicone back cover, finally the top screen frame.

Please check below picture / video on how to apply this to the device.

How to install seymac rugged  case 6 simple steps for assembly seymac handstrap series rugged study ipad Samsung Galaxy tablet case cover.jpg

If you use the shoulder strap for work conditions that require something practical, note that after the thin thread goes through the binding hole,

it should be secured in the little buckle as seen in below image.

seymac case simple installation step.jpg

Erroneous attachment direction will lead to improper product use.

installation tool.png

Case Instructions for fully support 2nd gen apple pencil

The following pictures are for installing the iPad cases with 2nd gen pencil holder:

installation for Pro 11 inch.png

12.9 inches scree cover installation for supporting 2nd gen apple pencil holder volume button fi.jpg

10.9 inches scree cover installation for supporting 2nd gen apple pencil holder volume button fi.jpg11 10.9 inches scree cover installation for supporting 2nd gen apple pencil holder volume button.jpg

Once you get used to it, there is no problem.

Case Instructions for fully support Galaxy S pen

For Galaxy s pen holders using tips(especially for the Galaxy S7 fan edition ):

Yup, Pls let your s pen nib(the tip end/penpoint direction/orientation)facing up toward the camera when wireless charging (finding the right spot of the sensor when wireless charging).

If you are using this case in a vertical mode with the shoulder strap, your S pen will be facing down toward the ground and you have an excellent chance of losing it Because the magnetic attachment of the pen to the tablet is not strong enough to withstand a bump or jarring motion(as you can see the original magnetic attachment on above video).

If you are going to use the Shoulder strap, set it up in a horizontal manner so the pen does not fall out when you are carrying it, but it is level and has It

in a horizontal position with an even greater chance of staying in the slot that the case designed it for.

S Pen is an essential part of your galaxy tab s7 FE (S7 FE pen with Bluetooth is $50 recently), which can be misplaced if not careful.

That pencil holder is specifically designed for wireless charging, not for transport or storeage;

The other pencil holder on the rotatable hand strap is exclusively designed for fastening the pencil securely in position (the pencil holder on the Velcro is for carry, transport or storeage).

s pen holder case using.jpg

Case Instructions for daily using

seymac case with two screen frames (one with screen protector the other one without).jpg

shockproof tablet case for global seller.jpg

To make sure you are installing the case correctly, please follow the tablet case installation guide steps.

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iPad Air 5 5th generation cover with shoulder strap.jpg

What is the most common way to break an iPad/a Galaxy Tablet?

We have all heard plenty of horror stories about broken iPads in schools and in homes. There are plenty of ways to accidentally damage one though we believe that the most common way to do it is by dropping it on a hard surface. If it hits a corner, that’s where they are the weakest and the likeliest to break.

How Do I Protect My iPads/tablets?

Nothing makes your tech indestructible, We help you extend the life and usability of your devices.

Many of today's tablets feature thinner profiles and more glass, increasing the risk of damage. This risk grows when products are in the hands of small children. Repairing tablets take time and money that schools or students can't always afford to lose. Seymac covers help reduce the chances of encountering these frustrations. It's designed to protect the iPads/tablets, enhance learning and offer peace of mind for parents and schools.

with bracket kickstand ipad case.jpg

iPad air 5th hand strap holder 2022 ipad air 5 strap case 10.9 inch with shoulder strap.jpg

May I know good users how to use the bracket?

The kick stand has a release button that must be pressed in order to fold the kickstand back into place.

You have to push down on the small tab in order to get the kickstand to fully slide into place. Otherwise, you could break the plastic kickstand by trying to force it up. To get it to fold back into the back of the case, you have to push down again on the tab while pressing down on the other end of the kickstand.

unlock the possibilities of your device's full potential.

Made to prevail over tumbles.

How to clean a Tablet (Galaxy Lenovo Tab iPad‍‍‍‍ ‍

The easiest way for removing iPad from the ipad case:

A. Open up the 'locking flap'.

B. Using thumb & fingers,peel the cover's right edge, along right side of the iPad, out and down to expose the side of the iPad.

C. Holding case with fingertips, gently start pressing the iPad out using your thumbs. Work gently, using even pressure, and it slides right out.

Case Instructions video

Rugged tablet case install video:

Case for ipad tablets:

strong magnetic cover for 10.2 inches 2021 2020 2019(all smart cover series do not included built-in screen protector):

ipad 102 case.jpg

Seymac apple ipad 10.2 inch case compatible with ipad 7th generation & ipad 8th generation.jpg

strong magnetic cover for mini 6:

Secure magnetic mount capability (on any metal surface)

IPAD MINI 6 Heat Dissipation Case.jpg

TPU case installation and case removal video:

tpu tablet case installation.jpg

Tpu case removal and installation video for mini 6 series:

Silicone tablet case:

Silicone case for Samsung Galaxy tab:

Rugged silicone tablet case removal video:

Shoulder strap installation:

Rotational handstrap:

Easy to carry ring-shaped shockproof case:

If you have any question regardsing the versatile case usage, please do not hesitate to say hello to us via message, we can do our best to help you.

SEYMAC rugged shockproof silicone tablet case compatible with for Samsung Galaxy iPad Lenovo tab.jpg

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